The aim of the “FarmAsinara” project is to study natural resources, both as wild living plants and as by-products of the processing of natural products (sea-urchin husks, industrial remnants), to be introduced and exploited as finished cosmetic products.

These products are manufactured and distributed by the Asinara Cosmetics Laboratories at Cala Reale thanks to a partnership with the National Park of Asinara that has already existed for a few years. Together with Sassari University’s “Natural Substances Laboratory”, they work on studies and scientific research enabling vegetable extracts to be identified or active ingredients extracted from plants that can be used as cosmetic products, while the production of Cosmetic Products takes place entirely at the “Asinara Cosmetics Workshops”. The production underway here also uses raw materials in its processes that come from extracts of essential-oils of the plants growing wild on Asinara Island.


The Spin-Off “Natural Substances of Sardinia srl” runs the production, distribution and promotion of these exclusive cosmetic products and, with the professionalism it possesses, guarantees production and the innovation of production processes with a low pollution impact and at a high technological level.

Uni En Iso 14001:2015 certified